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Pro Tips to Help You Apply The Best Mascara Every Time

By Michael Haldar

1. Always Curl


Before applying mascara Always curl the lashes with a lash curler. It helps to open the eye and especially if you have straight lashes or a droopy eye. Hold and press for only one to two seconds. Any chemist or makeup supplier stocks them.




We all have wildly different lash types and you probably know that when it comes to mascara, one size does not ‘fit all’. There are so many things we want our magic wands to do: from enhancing volume to adding length, from increasing lash thickness to finessing that perfect curl.


You may have to try several different brands of mascara before you settle on the one that is right for you. Don’t be afraid of going up to the various makeup counters in your local department store and asking the MUA to apply a sample of their brand mascara to see how it wears throughout the day!


I tend to use Inimitable Mascara by Chanel because it keeps the lashes looking very natural, it lengthens the lashes, curls the lashes, individualises the lashes all while giving you a very natural look.    




Maximise the longevity of your mascara by applying a primer first. Not only will this help to boost the staying power of your mascara, it will also help to reduce smudging on your upper and lower eyelids.


Using a primer also moisturises the lashes. You can also use primer before going to bed like a moisturiser for your lashes. It keeps the lashes healthy. It is like when you apply a restorative oil to your hair: it helps protect it while avoiding that dull look. Any primer would be good from the main makeup houses.  




Close your eyes and dust some translucent powder over your lashes prior to mascara application. The powder will serve as a type of primer while helping your lashes to look full and thick.


It will protect the lashes and also will give you volume under the mascara.




When applying mascara, to help remove clumps and to get an even coat, try rotating your brush. Twist your brush clockwise or anti-clockwise as you apply root to tip.  You may have heard of those spin lash rotating brushes – while they may seem like a bit of a gimmick, the idea behind them is sound.


This helps remove any excess mascara. You could also use a disposable wand when finishing to remove excess mascara.




A classic trick when applying mascara is to zig-zag your stroke. This is a little makeup artist secret but one I want to let you in one.  Not only will a zig-zag application help to build thickness, it also aids separation.


Start from the roots and gently zig-zag in tiny motions up to the tip of the lash. Try to avoid one sweeping motion.


You can apply the mascara wand on the top of the lashes and under the lashes as well. The benefit here is to cover the entire lash all around. The brushes that have a zig-zag head are a bit of a gimmick and will never replace your own natural zig-zag hand movement.    




Don’t you hate it when you apply mascara and you accidently get it on your eyelids? Follow this simple trick that will be sure to keep your eyelids clean and free from mascara every time!


Get a teaspoon and use it as a shield, place it over your eyelid and brow. This should catch any excess and avoid transfer to your skin. Easy!




Nobody likes clumped and caked on mascara. Be sure to remove any excess mascara from both ends of the bristles. Another tip: don't repetitively pump the wand as this lets excess air, resulting in a formula that drys out.


I usually take a disposable wand (or a kit with a special wand), transfer the mascara from the original wand onto the disposable or secondary wand and quickly put the original wand back into the tube. This helps to minimise exposure to air as air in the mascara product will dry it out. If you have bought an expensive mascara, this is a great tip to maximise the longevity of the product. Beautiful!    




When you're applying mascara, be sure to step back and gain some perspective. Take a look at your lashes in a mirror from some distance to see if you need to apply more or less mascara. Sure it may sound simple, but you will be surprised just how effective some perspective is.


This is important to do because we visualise from a far distance, and the overall finishing is important with perspective. How it looks from afar is very important for the final mascara look you are creating.    




One last step! Before your lashes dry, run a lash comb through them to give you the perfect separation. This gets rid of any clumps and is the finishing touch to any mascara application.



May youR day be as flawless as your makeup


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